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Southern Pride Distillery

New Release from Southern Pride Distillery

Historically, Tennessee has been known worldwide for one particular brand of Tennessee Whiskey. In recent years, that recognition has migrated from a brand to a protected classification of distilled spirit. While there is certainly more Tennessee Whiskey bottled [by volume] annually, there is an argument...

Southern Pride Distillery

Southern Pride Distillery

The TN Whiskey Trail recently set out on trip to Southern Pride Distillery located in Fayetteville, about 1.5 hours south of Nashville and just minutes from the Alabama border. We've had the pleasure of meeting the proprietor, Randy Trentham, and distiller, Tim Shavers, on a...

Moonshine Music Festival

Moonshine Music Festival 2014

It's festival season everyone! Last weekend was the Taste of TN Craft Distillers event and next weekend is the Moonshine Music Festival at Short Mountain Distillery in Woodbury, TN. If you have yet to hit the Ttrail to Short Mountain, it's high time you do. The...


Old Forge Distillery Opens in Pigeon Forge

As many distillers around the state are finding, the road from distillery conception to realization is long. We are excited to see our friends at the Old Forge Distillery have made it through the refining fire to launch its product and open its showroom this...


Doc Collier Moonshine

Recently opened Doc Collier Moonshine in Gatlinburg is all about “keeping it local.” The Collier family has long standing roots in Sevier County and the Appalachian region. The family has been involved as mercantilists and enterprising businessmen and women for generations. A large part of...


American Born Moonshine

The moonshiner looms large in the Southern psyche and can conjure many evocative images: prohibition era desperation, an isolated Appalachia, and men who were willing to do what it takes to make ends meet. For many East Tennesseans the Great Depression changed very little about...

Tenn South

Trail Update – Tenn South Distillery

One of the stops on the Trail has been a work in progress for some time, but here recently the boys over at Tenn South have made some real progress. Aside from releasing their first product, All Purpose Shine, they have become a full fledged stop...