The Great Outdoors and Davey Crockett’s Whiskey


This past weekend, Nashville hosted the 37th annual NWTF Convention and Sports Show. No, not that WTF, the National Wild Turkey Federation. Once a year, turkey hunters, taxidermists and general sporting enthusiats pack their bags for Nashville to celebrate being a white, gun-owning man with a copious collection of camo.

To say this event is over-the-top is an understatement. Whether you’re an outdoorsman or not, this convention has something for everyone: art, guns, food, woodworking, auctions, live music, celebrities (did someone say Lizzard Lick Towing crew?), and alcohol. Yes, that’s right. Alcohol. In fact, as we surveyed the 20,000 sqft convention space, we¬†noticed there was only one whiskey being poured at this event. Yep, you guessed it – Wild Turkey.

I believe we can all agree that whiskey is the official drink of the great outdoors. There are whiskey Ole Coonskinbrands found worldwide¬†that have created an image envoking the connection between man and nature. We have Famous Grouse, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Bulliet, Wild Geese Irish and Canadian Hunter just to name a few. Nearly every genre of whiskey has a brand dedicated to the outdoorsman. A Tennessee Whiskey offering was sadly missing from this assembly until very recently. The good folks at the Gatlinburg Barrelhouse bring you Davy Crocketts Ole’ Coonskin. This brand is a double threat, coupling a famous outdoor persona AND a wild animal. At the time of writing this, each of GB’s spirits is only available in their retail store in Gatlinburg. We have been in contact with them and hear that wider distribution is just around the corner. As spring turkey season quickly approaches, keep your eyes peeled for those gobblers; but until then, head over to the Smokey Mountains and get you a bottle of Ole’ Coonskin.


Tennessee Whiskey Trail

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